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Entry #2


2009-10-09 12:43:44 by gbleebin

^_^&*(%^(%$^&%(^%78654565^&%£$$^& my cus iz sooo terrible it doesn't even exit yet. i wan my MOTHERFUCKIN LAPTOP TO FUCKIN WORK!!! I WANT IT TO QUIT MOTHERFUCIN MY MOTHER FUCK AN MOHERFUCKIN MOTHERFUCK ITS OWN MOTHERFUCKER IN ITS MOTHERFUCK. in otherwords i need more ram to have patience to do my shit. im quite proud of what i did with my BYB3 so far but i'll redo it when i have RAM!!!


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2009-12-12 21:08:36

I'm voting for you as best user of 09 because of that GIF thread as soon as I get unbanned.

2 more days buddy.