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2009-10-09 12:43:44 by gbleebin

^_^&*(%^(%$^&%(^%78654565^&%£$$^& my cus iz sooo terrible it doesn't even exit yet. i wan my MOTHERFUCKIN LAPTOP TO FUCKIN WORK!!! I WANT IT TO QUIT MOTHERFUCIN MY MOTHER FUCK AN MOHERFUCKIN MOTHERFUCK ITS OWN MOTHERFUCKER IN ITS MOTHERFUCK. in otherwords i need more ram to have patience to do my shit. im quite proud of what i did with my BYB3 so far but i'll redo it when i have RAM!!!

randumz time

2009-09-02 15:32:10 by gbleebin

YOZ i got xbox lives, that means im kewls now. so answer to my usless crap comment or die... plus you can tell me what you think of bananas, if you dislike them then u willz burn in shizzle-bobz land.